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Having a work experience of 16+ years, Nitin Rai Chaudhary has achieved much at a very young age.


He’s a traveller, photographer and an entrepreneur, all rolled into one. Founder of Digital Series, MyListingBox, PhotoTravelExplore, Huts & Homes and AmazeDeal.


A Former CEO of AmazeDeal and Marketing Consultant at L’Oreal Salons; Personality Ikon, Tress Lounge and Head Masters Surat. He was also the Co-founder at Supria Arora Makeovers and AmazeDeal. Not just confined to these, he was an Events and Marketing Manager at Dare Club, NIM and In-House Productions, Delhi.


If you meet him for the first time you’d see a very gregarious and an outgoing person because of the way he bonds with the people who work under him. But it won’t take you much time to figure out that he’s the boss because of his work ethics, aspects and his way of displaying authority in the most congenial way.


The workspace of Nitin Rai Chaudhary, might be the only office wherein employees don’t get Monday Morning Blues or don’t hate going to work because of the home-like environment and culture he has created. Being a source of motivation and inspiration to his employees and interns, he never fails to amaze anyone with his ideas and working style. The way the network of the company keeps growing; it is the result of the hard work and dedication of his marketing strategies. He believes that no achievement is too big and that one should always keep working towards an aim. Even though his business sense is remarkable and he knows how to work with numbers but that does not necessarily have to mean that he has left his philosophical side untouched. In his own words he has said that, ‘I dreamt for 5 years to open marketing and photography cum-moral values institute to urge people to love nature and care for humanity which came into existence under Digital Series. Such concepts can change the aspect of living all together.’ Photography and Travelling is a passion of many, but very few have the zeal to turn this passion into a career.


If you look at one of his pictures you wouldn’t disagree with the fact that he is a soulful photographer with an eye for most rustic photography. So far he has achieved so much in less than half a lifetime. Not many people get to say that about themselves. You can take him as a competition or as an inspiration, but he’s only got one phrase for you.

“Learn before you believe you can earn”


“The fear of not being able to do something great haunts each one of us, so we choose the safest path which gives us more security. This security, however, does not come free of cost. We pay for it compromising on our dreams. While many become a part of the herd, people like me choose to pave a different way for ourselves and let the voice of our heart be our guide. Even though following one’s heart may seem like a risk, or a foolish thing to do for some, but once your dream materialises, you become an inspiration to countless number of people.” – Nitin Rai Chaudhary